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About Me


My Background

I live and work as a professional artist doing Tattoos in Des Moines , Iowa. I am also a proud husband and father to the most beautiful people God has created. I have been infatuated with art since I can remember and have documented drawings from before I can remember at age 3. My father is also an artist and attended art college, and unknowingly would later teach me everything he knows which would lay the path for me to become a professional artist. Since 2007 I have been a student and practicer in the art of tattooing. Only working at 2 tattoo shops since ‘07 I have worked with many artists which in turn have helped hone my craft and knowledge 


My Medium

I love using as many mediums as I can including tattooing, airbrushing, acrylic painting, watercolor, pencil, digital art, pastels, charcoal, markers, collages, carpentry, photography, guitar and street art. Not excluding any other medium and looking forward to learning and using much more.


My Inspiration

My muse is plain and simply the world around me. My wife, family and faith offer me the love and positivity that drives the creation process and everything from nature and world history to music and cinema gives me the visual stimulation that allows my imagination to create.

Th-Ink Therapy

Faith, Art, Music and Tattoos have been great constants, passions and therapeutic things in my life. Not only do I love doing them, practicing them and sharing them, I also love discussing them. My clientele knows that I can and will rant on about one thing or the other during our tattoo sessions wether or not they have any kind of clue of what I’m talking about. I try to keep people on the same level and discuss things informatively so maybe this can be a projection and continuation of that. 

Contact Me

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Brock Michal Tattoos

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