About Us



*When you come for your appointment please wear something sensible according to where you’re getting tattooed. (Example- If your getting work on your neck or chest don’t wear a turtle neck with nothing underneath. If you’re getting tattooed on your feet you will be more comfortable afterwards with sandals or flip flops.)

*Make sure you eat prior to the appointment and hydrate with water. (Try to avoid tacos, beans and spicy foods because we don’t need you gassing everyone out.)

*No alcohol or blood thinning medicines prior to the procedure. 

*Please do not bring children for the procedure, each situation can change and sometimes is forgivable if it is pre-discussed with me and as long as there’s someone watching said child. But children get very bored very quick and there are most definitely health risks that you will be exposing their weak immune systems to. 

*I 100% welcome you bringing your own headphones if you would like to. Everyone needs a vice. It definitely helps your comfort and helps time pass listen to music and watching videos or shows on your devices and I also welcome that completely but if you’re going to please bring headphones to do so because it might interrupt the other artists creative processes or just might be annoying for the other people getting tattooed.

*Avoid consuming any uppers, such as meth, crack, multiple energy shots, due to how terrible they are for your health and appearance anyways and will make you too jumpy and twitchy during the tattoo. Don’t meth around with our artistic comfort.  Please do not ask me to smoke a cigarette every 20 minutes.

*Please do not bring a whole army of people, unless almost everyone with you is receiving a tattoo or piercing. A couple people for moral support is fine but please don’t get excessive with it. 

Do not bring food into my tattoo area, a snack bar or closed drink is fine but don’t be bringing fast food meals or 5 course dinners.

No Vaping Please.

Booking and Pricing


For booking I require a $40 deposit which can be paid in person using cash or card. I also accept PayPal. Deposit returns are subject to the circumstance.  

I charge $100 per hour with a $60 minimum.  

I do 1 free touch up session during the first 6 months. And 2 free touch ups for fingers/hands. 

Additional Info


* I prefer to design every tattoo custom and will not trace other artist’s tattoos. I absolutely welcome any and all reference photos you may have but I would like to take those and your ideas to create something completely custom for you. We can use similar styles and aspects but no photocopying. 

* I do not specialize in any one kind of style because I love all kinds of artistic styles and I prefer the variety. So chances are i can tackle whatever you throw my way.